Bearing Fruit

I am the vine. John 15:5

If we imagine the world as part of God’s enormous garden, the idea of people being part of the fruit makes more sense.

God is our vine and we are nourished and supported through His care. At times weeds grow around us but God’s people help remove the bad and replenish what is good.

In the process, our lives produce some delicious crops and we share our bounty in the world. We use our gifts and talents to our best abilities and understand how we are loved by God.

Though diffi­culties come into our daily lives and storms overcome our pristine spirit, we are sometimes forced into silence and reflection in order to have a closer walk with God. It is as though God prunes away those parts of us not needed anymore. We might even feel vulnerable and naked in the garden, but God provides us with the real neces­sities we should have.

When our leaves are clipped and the ground around us is upturned, new life can begin again as the water and nutrients are absorbed in our roots.

The “vine” text was given to me as my confir­mation blessing years ago, but it is firmly planted in my heart. We are God’s family members and He loves how we grow. Each one of us is a unique planting an our fruits are as varied as the sand at the seashore.

If we look to the horizon during the season of fall, the array of colors from the dying leaves fills us with awe. The trees are breath­taking in the hews of yellow, orange, red and brown. But soon those leaves fall to the ground, are covered with the winter’s snow and are buried in the earth providing nourishment for future generations.

In the spring tiny buds appear and we wonder how did these seeds survive the freezing temper­atures of winter. Yet as the days get longer and the sun warms the soil, the pastel colors of Easter flowers brighten the landscape and lifts our souls out of the doldrums of winter.

The seasons are part of God’s plans and we are part of His harvest. Let’s be sure we do what we can to nourish those around us, express our thank­fulness through action, support one another when things are rough and display our fruits and gifts from God.

Linda Smith Kortemeyer


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