Simon Peter

My bible story is Peter’s story, or rather a collection of stories throughout the New Testament. Peter’s quest to develop a relationship with his Lord is full of bumbles and stumbles. In his journey with Jesus, he almost tries too hard, which in turn exposes his mistakes even more vividly. From his limited and selfish thinking (Matthew 16:21–23), his unintel­ligible blabbering on the mountaintop (Mark 9:5–6) and his peaks and valleys in his own faith (Matthew 14:28–31), to a failed testimony stating he would stand with Jesus no matter what (Luke 22:33), Peter constantly fell short despite his over-eagerness to follow Jesus.

My story is Peter’s story. I am too eager to grow as a Christian into a steady and secure relationship with Jesus. But the closer I move to my goal, the more obvious my failings become. I can see and understand more clearly than ever my past and present sins. The more I engage in my quest, the more my sins stick out. I cannot go very long before I catch myself in a selfish thought, a careless word, a neglected deed or a faltering faith. I am much like Peter. But just as Peter’s story paints a floun­dering picture, it also brings with it a story of redemption. Jesus saw Peter as he was, and called him on it when he predicted his denial (John 13:38). Never­theless, Jesus gave Peter the keys to the church to open the door to all who would believe. God never abandoned Peter, but loved him and gave him the grace to grow and serve his Lord. And in this, I find my hope.

Sally Meier


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