Unworthy and Loved

In John 4 we read of a certain woman at a well, a Samaritan and a sinner, who is ready and willing to receive a word of grace.  Jesus recognizes her as someone who will engage with Him, who longs to be in relationship with God.  He breaks through a bunch of boundaries and tells her there is a gift she can ask for…there is life she can receive.  She can worship God, not in the way prescribed by the tradi­tional scriptural authorities, but in a new way…in spirit and in truth.  He tells her that He is the Messiah in whom she has hoped.  So, although she’s outside the circle of accept­ability, and incredible as it may seem to her, God has directly come to her and asked for her faith, for her response.  He has walked right up to her and called her.  She believes and accepts His mission, then she responds by going way outside of her comfort zone to tell others, to go to the very people that shun her and tell them that she has met the Messiah.

I really relate to this woman.  I’m an unworthy sinner; Jesus has recognized my need to find and love Him; He has asked for my faith.  Jesus has crossed all boundaries and come to me, where I am, and offered me life.  He has told me that to worship God is about following His Spirit and worshipping in my heart, in my everyday, in my thoughts and actions and words and relationships.  I want to respond and tell others and follow Him.

I have found a like-minded community here at Grace.  This family of believers cares about a living faith, about worshipping and living in relationship with God, about being open to His Spirit and responding to His call.  I love Grace because I have found healing here, acceptance, deep joy and compan­ionship in hard times.  As I live in community here, I feel God’s profound presence.  I think and hope that Grace is about crossing boundaries, reaching out, calling to faith­fulness those who want to know God’s love.

Karen Cornish

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