Grace Lutheran Church

Mission Statement

Following Jesus’ teachings, Grace seeks to educate, lead, and partner with all people through disci­pleship to worship, service and faith celebration.

Vision Statement

Grace Lutheran Church is a worshiping, caring, and giving community of believers who are always looking for new and exciting ways to be witnesses to the Grace of God. We are committed to following Jesus’ example by serving each other and those in need, being a good neighbor in the community, seeking out and welcoming those who have no church home, being involved and supportive as partners of efforts throughout the community and the world, renewing the spiritual growth of our members of all ages, and developing future leaders of the church. We continue to listen to the Spirit, following wherever it leads.


 Focus on What God Is Doing

We rejoice in the grace of God, ever active in our lives and in the world. We confess that we are not worthy of this gift. We are sinners. God works within us forgiveness and new life and calls us as partners in God’s action in the world. We are saints. So we are always on the look out for where and how God is at work, seeking to bear witness to this action and join in partnership with God in this work. We endeavor to embody, to live out, God’s remarkable grace.

 Vital Worship

Worship is the heart of our community. We gather together before God, bringing our whole selves, expressing our concerns, hopes and joys, singing and artic­u­lating our faith. In this gathering God speaks the word we need to hear, a living address in our current circum­stances. Worship changes us, nourishes us for the living of our faith in our everyday lives.

 Deeply Value People

We recognize that every person is limited, imperfect and sinful while also fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God and a person for whom Jesus died. We seek to treat each person with such dignity and love. Recog­nizing our own brokenness, we make room for others within our congre­gation, seeking to exhibit the open hospi­tality of God.


We know our God to be Emmanuel, God with us. We endeavor to emulate this way of God. We come alongside others, sharing life, rejoicing with those who rejoice and weeping with those who weep. We understand that the gift of presence, being honestly and authen­tically with another, is profoundly life-giving, comforting, encouraging. In Christ we belong to one another. We also join in partnership with other commu­nities and groups, seeking to do more than we can do alone to address needs and concerns in our community and world.


God’s deep desire for the world and each individual is for shalom, for wholeness and health. We aspire to bring God’s hope and peace to those in mental, physical or spiritual distress. We endeavor to also support their family members, friends and caregivers.

Vibrant Faith

We are profoundly thankful that God is never done with us. We continually aim to re-appropriate the gift of God for each of us personally in new and meaningful ways. We value on-going education, spiritual training, and the use of ancient practices of faith as means to reshape our lives to the glory of God. Ours is a lived faith.