Grace Lutheran Church

Living the Gift

As a community of imperfect people called to be saints by Jesus Christ and gathered as Grace Lutheran Church of Davenport, Iowa we seek to live the gift of God by:

Faithful Living

  • Being a family of faith, which cares for, supports and encourages one another.
  • Aspiring to be people of integrity and honesty, setting an example by faithful lives; worshipping regularly, praying daily, studying God’s Word, obeying the commandments and continually learning, growing, and living in God’s grace.
  • Embracing a holy and holistic life through continually pursuing God’s will.
  • Persis­tently seeking wisdom, not certainty.
  • Being and making disciples by helping one another discover, develop and use our individual God-given gifts and talents, to the glory of God.

Compas­sionate Living

  • Being a church for all people, practicing radical hospi­tality for both the stranger and the well known.
  • Welcoming and warmly receiving all into faith in Christ and into our fellowship.
  • Moving outside our walls, being the body of Christ in word and action.  Following the example of Christ, we scatter to serve, bringing healing into the world.
  • Building support systems for those in need and working in partnership with others to address broader challenges.
  • Bearing witness, in all that we do, to the reign of God in the world in this time.

Worshipful Living

  • Recog­nizing that God, not our efforts or successes, is the source of life, health and hope.
  • Claiming utter dependence on God.
  • Giving voice to the songs in our hearts, praise and lament.
  • Praising God for all that God has done, is doing and is yet to do in our individual lives and our community. Worship is the center of our life together.