Grace Lutheran Church


We are a blessed community. Everything we have, all that we are, is a gift from God. Each weekend we give thanks to God for all these gifts, seek forgiveness for the ways we have not lived in harmony with God’s will and listen for God speaking fresh and new to us in the here and now.

God’s word addresses us and our current lives. Encour­agement, challenge, comfort and hope come to us each week in our worship. Taking to heart what we hear shapes us to be the people God.

We offer holy communion the same way Christ has given it to us: freely, recklessly, lavishly, joyfully! In our gathering, all are welcome at the table of the Lord.

God desires that each person would be healthy and whole in body, mind and spirit. In honor of this desire of God, we have reappro­priated an ancient practice of the people of God. We regularly practice the laying on of hands and anointing of oil for healing as a part of our weekend worship.

We invite you to join us in celebration, confession and renewal at any of our three worship services each weekend.

Saturday, 5:30 pm      A small, close-knit, though welcoming, group meets on Saturday for a very informal worship.  Music is led by guitar.

Sunday, 8:30 am         This is as close to high liturgy as we get. Our worship includes sung liturgy, organ and piano led music, and choirs.

Sunday, 10:30 am       This worship keeps a special eye to children and their partic­i­pation with folk of all ages. The music is led by guitar and ranges from contem­porary to blue grass.