Grace Lutheran Church

Children and Youth

Children and Youth are not the future of the church at Grace. They are the church, equal partners in our ministry and life together. Sometimes they are learners. Sometimes they teach. Sometimes they follow. Sometimes they lead.

Our ministry with youth and children often includes fun, laughter, conver­sation, pondering, and song as we learn, serve and grow in faith together.


Our Sunday school is a part of worship.

  • Children come with their adults to worship at 8:30 or 10:30 on Sunday
  • After the reading of the gospel children up to 6th grade join a shepherd who takes them to their own space for their explo­ration of the Word of God
  • Younger children, not yet ready for Sunday School, are invited to our children’s table at the back of the sanctuary where they can color sheets relating to the readings for the day.
  • Children rejoin their adults during the offering where they continue to participate in worship

You are invited to worship and learn with us!

(There are two classes that meet between services. One is for confir­mation students and the other is for adults.)