Lent 2017 — Practicing Gratitude

Welcome to the journey!

Here you will find resources in our explo­ration of the practice of gratitude.

As we move towards Easter more resources will be added. Below you will find links to our Gratitude Workbook, readings from our weekend worship, and videos and other material from other sites. Be sure to also check out the weekend sermons reflecting on gratitude on our sermon page.

God bless your lenten discipline.


Our Gratitude Workbooks

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Gratitude Workbook Week 1      Gratitude Workbook Week 2      Gratitude Workbook Week 3

Gratitude Workbook Week 4      Gratitude Workbook Week 5      Gratitude Workbook Week 6


Weekend readings

2017 Lent Weekend Scriptures

Gratitude Podcasts


Gratitude Videos