Spirit Moves

February 15th, 2012
I see the Holy Spirit working at Grace each and every week.
This is through the group of people that volunteer their time to make the Saturday 5:30pm and Sunday 11am services happen.
This includes the musicians, singers, the power point operators, and the sound techs.  Also, those that do the readings and those who perform special presentations.
Sometimes we have no idea how it’s all going to come together, but it always does.  The feeling of accom­plishment is evident by the smiles and looks of relief.  Things never go exactly as planned, but that sure would be boring wouldn’t it?  We are in God’s greater family, but here at Grace we’re part of a team.  Anyone that partic­ipates can feel it, and what a great feeling it is.  (Go Grace!)
 Dan Haugen - Contem­porary Music Coordinator