St. Joe’s

March 4th, 2012

I love that Grace is in service to others whether in our local community, in other states or across the globe and that we are teaching our youth the value of helping others and living as Christ taught.  While my daughter Katie was in confir­mation, her class served at a St. Joe’s meal site.  While the parents provided the food, it was the youth who served the meal.  As the people came to the kitchen asking for seconds, they didn’t want to make eye-contact with the kids or even speak very loud.  I watched the kids ask questions and talk with the individuals without any judgment and how the people responded with louder voices, eye contact and smiles.  The inter­action was marvelous – I was so proud of all of the youth that night as they were truly behaving as Christ and showing how we are taught to love one another.

Cindy Savely