Music for the Soul

March 3rd, 2012

As a child, my faith grew in the old family church that I usually attended alone except at Easter.  My wonderful father responsibly dropped me off and picked me up for choirs, confir­mation, youth activities, Sunday School, and services where I sang or played my flute, always there alone or with peers.  After college, I returned to the old church quite sparsely but knew, after a near fatal accident, I wanted the strength I received from worshiping and learning God’s word with a Christian community.  I needed a church family.

When Emilia and Philip were toddlers, I knew I must be again actively involved so my children could also feel God’s active presence in their lives in fellowship with friends.  After “trying” many churches for a fit, I joined Grace with our children and my husband’s blessing.  My faith grew, and my need to recharge with life’s demands led us into the hands of a loving, supportive church family.  Both Adolfo and I together continue to grow in our faith through the support of our Grace pastors, our Grace friends, and the worship experience with regular attendance.  The music of all four services touches my soul, but I especially am moved by the contem­porary worship music.  Through my flute playing, I hope to help others feel God’s presence at that moment and in their lives.  There is a prayer on my piano that reflects my current musical faith experience at Grace:

“God, please bless my music that it might glorify your name,
May using it to serve you always be my aim.  Let it be a witness to your majesty and love, 
And remind us that you’re watching from your throne above. 
Oh Lord, I ask for guidance in everything I do, and pray you’ll make my music an instrument for you.”

Debbie Alejo